So I get to tell you all about me?? Sounds positively boring to me, lol. Ok, so I am raising 4 boys and a husband all the while I am trying to figure out who I am and not lose myself in the world of kids. I see tons of moms whose lives become their children, it’s like they lose their identity or something. Well, I refuse to be that person and I think my kids will benefit from that.

My husband is a patient and loving man of few words and a sarcastic sense of humor. My boys range from ages 17 to 5 and you will hear about them a lot. Let me forewarn you that I am crass, opinionated, out-spoken, and frankly I could care less what someone else’s opinion is of who I am or how I raise my kids. I cuss and vent, smile and laugh, cry and pout and I could care less if my view on something offends someone else. Not everyone agrees with my views and I am ok with that. I won’t try to change you, don’t try to change me. Allowing someone to be themselves works well and you can have way more honest relationships.

A brief run-down on who everyone is in my mob.

JB – my youngest, just started kindergarten and rules the house. I like to pretend it’s me in control but honestly it’s him. JB was diagnosed at age 3 with Celiac Disease and it was a huge blow to our entire family BUT I have happy to say he is growing and thriving with makes me the happiest momma alive.

Pickle – is my 11-year-old, just started 6th grade. He is smart, funny, sarcastic, and has zero filter. Not always the best quality in a pre-teen but he keeps me on my toes. He loves anything sports (can be obsessive at times, well most times) and can quote Dolphins statistics in his sleep.

T-man – is 13 and taking names. Names of girls that is. He is my heartbreaker, his brothers make a joke that when T-man is allowed to date it is going to be The Hunger Games to get a date. He is sweet and loving and with a James Dean bad-boy smile. T-Man is a competitive dancer and has a passion for the arts that is inspiring.

The Elder – is 17 and thinks he is going on 23. He was born in the wrong era, he loves 80’s rock music, 80’s music, really anything other than what was created in his generation. I think that is why him and the hubby get along so well. It’s kinda scary sometimes. Anyway college is on the horizon for him and it is pretty all-consuming right now.

And then there is me (K) and my other half (Hubby). We also have 2 cats Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, 1 dog named Chewbacca (aka Chewy, Chewbot, or Chewasaurus), and 2 sugar gliders named Padme and Vader. Yes those are the pets real names, can’t help if I am a Star wars junkie!!

Just a disclaimer, if you read posts prior to 2015 nicknames are different and our home situation was different. And at this point I am not emotionally ready to share that story.

So that is me in a nutshell. Enjoy!



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