With A Spoon

I may be a weird parent, but my kids are just as weird. Anyone remember the AT&T mom, with the mom look? My mom look is so perfected I could stare her down in a nano-second. This is my teens favorite commercial so I’ll share before continuing.

I can look at one of my boys with that look and they know I am serious, I don’t even have to speak to them. It’s kinda cool actually. And when I break out the look and mom-tone, I mean business. So anyway, I was getting on T-Man (my 9 yr. old) about hitting his brother and I told him with the mom face and tone, “If you put a hand on your brother again, I am going to cut your hand off with a spoon.”

He looks me dead in the eye and asks, “Why a spoon?”

Without missing a beat I answered maintaining my mom face & tone, “Because a spoon is dull and it will hurt more.” (Yes, that’s right I stole my answer from Robin Hood and didn’t even blink an eye when I said it. Obviously this answer would not have worked if Mr. T had seen Robin Hood.)

He kinda looked slightly terrified and said yes ma’am, apologized to his brother, and exited the room as quickly as possible. I found it kind of odd that Mr. T seemed far more concerned with what I would use to cut his hand off with and why I would use that instead of the actual act itself.  One of my teens looked at me after the incident was over and asked, “A spoon? Really that is the best you could come up with?”

I smiled and nodded, “Yup, a spoon. Wanna test me?” He laughed and said sometimes I am a scary, weird mom. He has a point, but then again I never had any plans to be nominated for a Mother of the Year award. And my tactic worked because Mr. T hasn’t hit his brother again.



5 thoughts on “With A Spoon

    • I am known for frequently threatening my kids with all kinds of weird and sometimes disturbingly crazy things. But with the boys they are tough so if it is not Transformers-style destruction, it’s just not intimidating enough.

  1. I use the spoon one too, but mine has seen the scar I left on their aunt when I stabbed her with one many years ago…lol. I say whatever works.

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