So I should say hello, right?

So I used to blog for a different person under a fake name and always found I had more to say than what was needed. After much talk and debate we decided I needed to branch out on my own. Honestly it was more after much urging from her and some other friends. I have been told my home would make a fantastic sitcom but I personally think it would be more like a horror movie or some sci-fi show. Seriously I am not exaggerating; I sometimes think my kids are aliens. Maybe I’m the alien, I guess it depends if you are asking me or the kids.

So I am sitting outside as my kids run around. Did I mention I have 5 boys? And a husband? I am seriously out-numbered in my house. Then my boys have their friends over and it becomes a free-for-all of testosterone. I mean my house is seeping testosterone….. speaking of testosterone I just had to separate a wrestling scuffle between 2 of my boys which resulted in one bloody nose and a skinned up elbow. My neighbors probably think I am crazy. There are days that I think I am crazy.

But I enjoy my life and all the bloody noses, skinned up knees & elbows, tears, smiles, and hugs that come with the territory. My oldest is going to be 15 this summer; I call him Mr. Mouth because he is always talking about something. Anyway, he is dribbling the basketball in the driveway while my 2 year old tries to copy what he is doing with his toddler-size ball. And even though The Bean (baby nickname) has his own toddler size basketball hoop, Mr. Mouth is picking him up so he can make his shot in the big hoop. I’ll be honest there are times when my kids suck and there are moments that they are the coolest kids around.

But that is how life goes when you turn on the blender without the lid on!


6 thoughts on “So I should say hello, right?

  1. As a mum of 3 girls and one boy who was more work than the 3 girls put together, I can’t imagine what it must be like to have so many boys. I look forward to hearing lots more about your crazy life. 🙂 A bright side for you is that you won’t have to go through the middle school drama that girls bring home EVERY day!!

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